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Breaking Free from Stress to Heal Your Gut

Ever have a really stressful day or week and FEEL it in your gut? Stomach in knots and fighting back with every meal? The good news is it wasn’t all your imagination. The bad news is it truly was your body under assault from the stress. Back to the good news:

Reducing stress can significantly improve your gut health.

I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t know what stress felt like. Growing up in a family that moved often and expected high performance in every new school meant I ALWAYS felt pressure to do more, be smarter, and try harder. What no one understood at the time was that stress and inflammation are closely linked, and chronic stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our bellies. Learning to be active and engaged without letting stress build-up has been a huge help as I healed my system. Lucky for me, I was smart enough to listen to Bonni when she gently but firmly nudged me to let go. Here are five components of stress reduction she taught me more than a decade ago and still teaches to this day.

  • Meditation and Breathing

As silly as saying “try breathing” sounds, there is value in the suggestion. Why? Because a body with tense muscles probably isn’t a body that’s fully inhaling and exhaling. We all sort of hold our breath when we’re dealing with a fight-or-flight response. Taking five minutes to settle in a quiet space and focus on slow, deep, and steady breaths can reset your system and boost your energy levels. You can try simple techniques like deep sniffing or blowing out a candle or use guided meditation recordings. The key is to pause and shut off the world for a moment, letting your body and mind relax.

  • Movement

Physical movement releases dopamine and endorphins, triggering a positive response in our bodies. Additionally, moving your muscles signals your brain to restock necessary nutrients, which leads to a more efficient brain and reduced stress hormones. Get up. Get out. Get moving. Start with 10 minutes a day... in 5-minute bursts if that fits your life better. Move purposefully toward incorporating exercise, yoga, or any form of movement that suits YOU.

  • Healing Sounds and Music

Sound therapy, like a sound bath or calming music, can induce relaxation and mindfulness, similar to meditation. Sounds can trigger specific responses and bring up feelings of serenity and calmness. Some folks need quiet ambient music. Others like simple tones. The key is to find what works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.

  • Healthy, Plant-Based Diet

A balanced diet full of plants and their micronutrients provides your body with the tools to operate efficiently. Plant-based proteins and healthy fats contribute to the production of dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline, supporting a healthy stress response. Remember, you can include yummy smoothies made with fruits and vegetables as coconut water to sneak in more nutrients and hydration, too!

Herbal Teas and Infused Water

You will hear this from us A LOT: Hydration is crucial to your overall, gut, and mental health. If you’re going to be hydrating, you might as well bring in flavor and nutritional boosts as well. Infuse your water with herbs, fruits, or vegetables. Add herbal teas and infused water since they are packed with micronutrients promoting well-being. Creating a calming tea ritual or enjoying herbal-infused water throughout the day supports your body's natural stress-reducing mechanisms.

The Power to Transform Your Health

Taking control of your health and well-being starts with stress reduction. Chronic stress can lead to inflammation and gut health issues, but you have the power to make positive changes. Incorporate these tips into your daily life, and if you need help or guidance, please don't hesitate to ask for help. If you don’t ask us, please ask SOMEONE. You’re not alone in this journey!

Our Journey

Bonni’s start in holistic health and alternative medicine started when she discovered that she had a dairy allergy, which caused significant weight gain and acne. Mine started before I knew WHAT was hurting me. When it turned out to be an allergy to both egg whites AND peppers, I was grateful to have real-world, straight-talk help from Bonni. I knew to listen because I KNEW she’d walked the same path. Since then, we’ve worked together, healed together, and now come together as WildFree Health to help YOU on your journey. If you're unsure where to start, join our free Wild Free Health Community, where we offer a gut health assessment and a seven-day program to heal your body and reduce stress naturally.

You Can Be a Wellness Warrior!

Around here, we are super big on personal power and the importance of believing and encouraging others as well as yourself. We invite you to embrace the transformative magic of stress reduction techniques and unleash your inner Wellness Warrior. By taking small steps each day, you can conquer inflammation, improve your gut health, and create a happier, healthier, more vibrant life.

Cheers to a healthier you!


hey there welcome welcome welcome are

you tired of dealing with chronic

inflammation and gut health issues well

today we're going to dive deep into this

incredible world of stress production

techniques and how they can transform

your health and well-being trust me this

might be just the solution you've been

searching for

never know did you know that stress and

inflammation they go hand in hand it's


chronic stress can wreck havoc on our

bodies especially when it comes to our

gut health so what is stress it's a

response within our body that triggers

our fight or flight response it can

trigger inflammation which is not just

swelling and redness inflammation can

manifest itself as an emotional response

dramatic mood shifts depression

exhaustion excitement overly

enthusiastic or exhausted and feeling

extremely weak all the time your gut is

usually a good barometer of how stressed

your body is the more craving

sluggishness and crampiness you feel

more likely it is that your chronic

stress is off the chain so what do you

do there are a variety of stress

reduction techniques you can easily

incorporate into your life from deep

breathing meditation to yoga and other

mindfulness practices today we're going

to focus on my top five recommendations

starting first

with meditation and breathing now this

doesn't mean you have to sit for hours

at a time

five minutes of deep breathing in a

quiet space could be just the reason you

need in the middle of your day and can

trigger more energy than a cup of coffee

or candy bar you might grab to help you

through that mid-afternoon slump

you could use something relatively

simple such as sniffing the flour

blowing out a candle it's something that

the boys came home from school learning

it's a fabulous tool

easy no one knows you're doing it

and it can help you with just five

breaths you could use a guided

meditation recording to listen to and

breathe along with the prompts

meditation and breathing really they

just they reset your system by hitting

pause in your day shut off the world for

a minute and choose something easy to do

don't overthink this keep it short make

it long whatever works for you is going

to be perfect my second recommendation

is to move physical movement triggers

the release of various substances in our

body like dopamine and endorphins your

muscle movement also sends a signal to

your brain that your body needs

nutrients now which helps your brain

operate effectively an efficient brain

equals an efficient healthy reduction of

stress responses and ultimately our

reduction of inflammation

my third recommendation listen to music

or healing sounds throughout your day

our body responds to certain sounds in

certain ways there's a song actually

that the boys listen to all the time

it was created for colicky babies using

science when you listen to the lyrics

they make very little sense they really

don't make any sense at all but the

sounds literally trigger Giggles in my

back seat adults we're no different we

can benefit from songs and sounds too

sound bath for instance uses in certain

tones and sounds to stimulate relaxation

and breathing methodically it's like

meditation using sounds

for some of you this might mean some

heavy metal songs some of you a

meditation or the same sound might mean

a Samba

music is personal choose what works well

for you it's especially helpful when you

feel like you have zero time to do

anything else at any other exercises

into your routine so let's say you're

using a sound bath or something that's

meditative or calming

don't do when driving people please

don't and don't do it when you're

cooking either trust me it doesn't work

out well

for me when I use music to help me with

my stress it's usually when I'm falling

asleep I plug in a calming meditation

I'm out in like 15 minutes it totally

works now my last two recommendations

they kind of go hand in hand eat a

healthy balanced diet Pack full of

plants and micronutrients and include

herbal to Sands and infused water into

your diet micronutrients healthy fats

plant-based proteins all give your body

the tools to operate efficiently and

remember efficient body efficient brain

equals reduced stress and inflammation I

don't recommend plant-based proteins to

degrade animal proteins though

it's more that plant-based proteins

contain a bulk of micronutrients our

body uses to produce dopamine endorphins

adrenaline and to support a healthy

stress response

infusing water using things like

cucumber mint berries fruits they all

contain all those micronutrients and

help you stay hydrated herbal to Sands

do the same thing it's a win-win and I

guess that life can be super busy so I

hope that these tips help you in your

daily routine because let's face it a

little me time

sometimes it's not as easy to do as

How to Reduce Stress and Improve Gut Health

possible so let's go over the five again

so that we can get them easily

incorporated number one meditation and

breathing exercises at least once daily

move your body listen to music or

healing sounds eat a plant-based healthy

diet and drink your herbal tea or

infused water


you ready to take control of your health

and well-being

I thought so did you know that I once

discovered I had a dairy allergy I know

many of you have heard this story but to

basically summarize it

I gained over 30 pounds in a lot in a

month I woke up with cystic acne all

over my face it was an extreme wake-up

call it let me hear and it led me

through a lot of the holistic health and

alternative medicine tactics around here

including these five stress reductions

because stress equals inflammation now

it's your turn

take these tips

start incorporating them into your daily


no you can do it and if you're not

feeling so secure in doing this all on

your own grab a cozy spot and let's talk

let's let's go out on this journey

together hop into my free community we

have a free gut health assessment start

naturally healing your body to reduce

stress our seven day program is free

talking to us is free we actually create

a healing blueprint for you gives you a

step-by-step guide of how to improve

your health reduce your stress so you

can reduce inflammation and start

feeling so much better

remember my friend

you have the power to reduce stress you

have the power to improve your gut

health and to conquer inflammation

you might need a little help and that's

okay it's why Wild free health was

created it's why I do what I do

Five Stress Reduction Techniques for Your Life

now it's time to unleash that inner

Wellness Warrior and embrace the

transformative magic of stress reducion

reduction techniques so

why wait let's go let's get it started

today links are in the show notes have

an absolutely wonderful week if you have

any questions whatsoever about our five

techniques today let me know and I will

chat with you all soon



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