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An expression of joy following a gut health reset.

Ditch the Crap

Embrace a Life that's Wild, Free & Healthy!

Say goodbye to bloating, constipation, body aches, sensitivities, and more digestive and elimination system health woes! 

Experience the refreshing vitality you've been craving – it's time to transform your health and learn to manage autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms effortlessly!

About Section


Woman cooking healthy, gut friendly food

At WildFREE Health, we give women real-life tools to fix their guts and enjoy health and wellness. We offer personalized holistic nutrition and fitness programs to help women of all ages reset and restore mind, body, and spirit balance.

We coach from experience and science, offering ideas and plans that helped us and can help you live life wild, free, and healthy!

Healthy Woman drinking green, gut healing smoothie


Explore our fully comprehensive wellness programs, ranging from 6 to 16 weeks. Guided by a collaborative team of holistic health practitioners, including a trauma-sensitive energy healer, a meal planning expert health coach, and skilled holistic nutritionists, and herbalists.


We ensure a seamless transition to long-term maintenance, empowering you to conquer life's challenges with confidence. Post-program, only a quick Q&A session is needed for continued support. Programs are tailored to your pace, whether self-guided or with personalized coaching.


Continue to embrace balance with our experts, and live life Wild, Free, and Healthy!


Embark on a journey to wellness with our vibrant community of women!


Struggling with gut health issues? Are autoimmune or chronic illness symptoms a bit much? 


Dive into a space where health experts, including energy healers, holistic nutritionists, herbalists, and other holistic health practitioners, share insights. Gain the knowledge and tools to manage symptoms and live a vibrant life full of energy.

Our mission is to foster a supportive sisterhood where like-minded women connect, providing the support needed to overcome health challenges. 

Ready for a healthier, happier life? Take the first step and join our empowering community!

Group of encouraging, supportive women.


We believe in the power of natural products to support your health and wellness journey. Visit our online shop to explore our range of carefully curated products.

Woman wearing a motivational tee saying Be Wild, Be Free, Be Healthy.
Nutritionist wearing a hat saying Gut Goddess


There is so much more to having WildFREE Health in your corner than having holistic medicine, diet and personal training gurus.  Bonni is somebody that will wage wars for you, even if that means riding into battle with you against your own demons.  

~ Mandi

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