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Tired of digestive drama, endless fatigue, &
the food tango?

The life you crave 

Is waiting for you!

Enjoying Lunch

Understand YOUR Gut

Discover which foods nurture your gut and which foods contribute to your discomfort.

Eating Acai

Daily Guidance

Receive expert support on meal planning, exercise, and stress reduction techniques

Expert Support

Benefit from a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you restore your gut's balance

“BEST decision of my life.  I feel healthier, and more in control.  More knowledgeable of food, of myself, of my emotions in relations to food and drink.  The shift in me has been amazing!.”

~ Robynn M.

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Straight Talk from our Clients

Fully Customized Program

Using our signature roadmap, we work together to customize your entire program from start to finish.  

Weekly 1:1 Private Sessions 

Weekly sessions are included throughout your program.  Please note: during the first month we will talk more frequently than just once a week, so we may need to schedule several weekly during your first month 

Daily Touches

Access these either via our private community, or refer to your PDF file included in your welcome packet.

Private Podcast

Filled with the audio lessons included within your daily touches.

Additional Support

Following the completion of your 6- to 16-week program, we are here to continue to actively support you as you transition from actively establishing your healing practices, no matter how long you need to stay in healing mode.  We aim to help you establish sustainable practices to maintain your healthier body, mind, and spirit long-term. 

What's included

Rebalance Energy-Healing Session:

Based on your program you will receive 2 or 3 Rebalance Energy-Healing sessions. Each session is 45 minutes and includes a detailed report of findings that is emailed within 24 hours of the session. Also included with each session – the AO Inner Voice scan with a report and personalized sound healing frequencies set to music to listen to.

Optional Add-On

You’ll receive an AO Mindsync of customized Health affirmations. This recording, created with your voice, provides powerful instruction to the subconscious mind to support and empower a healthy mentality as you make positive health changes throughout your program.

Q & A Access 

Have a question? Feel overwhelmed? or just want to talk it out?  We're here to help.  Plus, we have a supportive community filled with many women who've been through this program as well. 

Motivation and Accountability

Keep an eye out for your weekly email pep talks throughout your program, including your daily tips, worksheets, and lesson content.

Meet Our Health Team

Ready to Just

Get To It?

Click the button to explore your options & get started today!

High Five after Workout

Have questions?

Book a free chat below, and we'll map out the steps for your healing blueprint and discuss best practices to get there!


These are questions we have actually received, so we wanted to address them here:

What if I have questions in between sessions? Do I really only get 1 session a week?

You receive dedicated sessions. But there is no need to wait until our next session when we can address an issue or concern immediately and tweak something if we need to.  Send a text, DM or voice message and we will respond as quickly as possible. 

We typically talk with our clients more frequently during the first month or two of their program.  Once you get the swing of things, our sessions might be enough.  If not, keep asking questions!  We love them!!

Isn’t my program cookie-cutter?

No, all of our programs are customized from start to finish. We use the self-paced space inside our community for you to learn more about your body, mind, spirit, and especially your gut and how to implement what you learn for long-term health and wellness.

Our sessions and the elements that make up your program are created for you in partnership with YOU.  We want you to regain confidence and take charge of your health and well-being.  Not just during the healing journey, but throughout your life as well!

Why do you insist on at least 3 days of preparation before my start date?

Our programs were designed for long-term results, not just results during your time working with us. To set up your journey effectively, it is best to start effectively. Many times this takes between 3 to 7 days. During that time, you will have some steps to include in your day to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We will discuss these on our deep dive preparation call.

When you click the button above to see the program line-up, you can click on each program or practitioner and learn details about us and our recommended schedules. 

What is Energy-Healing and How does it help me?

Energy-healing is a way of accessing the subconscious mind to find and release negative energy (vibrations) that are trapped within the body. Releasing this energy allow the body to do what it is designed to do – repair itself.

I use muscle testing as a method to communicate with the subconscious to quickly and accurately find and release suppressed emotional energy and various other energetic vibrations that interfere with body systems, organs, tissue, glands, hormone function, and more.

These imbalances are often unknown to you consciously, but subconsciously are often a root cause of physical pain, imbalance to the proper function of bodily systems, and/or create unhealthy emotional habits and reactions such as resistance to healing, self-sabotaging behaviors and self-limiting beliefs. 

This method of releasing energy is fast and non-invasive. The best part is that you don’t have to
talk about, re-live, remember or understand how or why an emotion or energy got trapped. We
just release it and allow the body to rebalance itself.

Once the negative energy is released, I then replace it with positive energy to fill in the gaps and re-pattern the mind toward positive vibrations.

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